donderdag 5 juni 2014

Yør - Lack Of Beeing EP

DJ TLR's Creme Organization returns with a whole batch of new releases after the very succesful 'Innershades remix package'. First up, is this very destructive release by the mysterious Yør, who is, according to the press sheet, a Hamburgian Art School prodigy.

The 'Lack of Beeing' title track opens up with haunting pads that will go on for 5 minutes or so, before it's first bassdrum will kick in. Grainy percussion is layered on top of it's merciless 909 kick, that unveil it's filthy nature straight from the first kick and an amazing overdriven bassline takes that filth even way further. This track clocks in at almost 15 minutes, but it's full of balance, with Legowelt-like pads and harsh, distorted claps and enough variation in the composition to hold a crowd's attention, this will be a personal favourite of us for years to come.

The next two tracks continue very much in the same approach, with crazy, filtered and distorted basslines on 'Unbennant' and filthy, low-pass filtered pads on 'Torn'. While both tracks are absolutely mint, it is a bit of a shame that such genius has to suffer in length due to the limited runtime of the vinyl (they both end around the 3-minute mark).
It's closing track 'Apophis' however, is in a class of his own. It's housey/jackin' vibe is a very big contrast to the rude, indecent and muscular techno tracks that run before it. Such contrasts are always a bit risky on a 4-track compilation, but this track is very much welcome after the horrifying madness and we're sure this pumpin' slo-mo jam will find it's way into lots of DJ bags in the coming months.

The 'Lack of Beeing' EP will be released on June 9th, through the Godspill mailorder and we are sure it will find it's way into your favourite record shop not long after that. Pre-order now, cause this one's a winner!

LINK TO GODSPILL.NET (with audiosamples)

woensdag 4 juni 2014

Episode #051 - Alexander Robotnick

We are absolutely honored to present to you this exclusive mix by Maurizio Dami, aka Alexander Robotnick. A DJ/producer who earned himself a legendary status amongst electronic music and dance music enthusiasts. He's been at the forefront of disco/electro for over 30 years now and has released many, many classic singles that still get tons of airplay these days.
His most notable hit-single is the ever-effective 'Problemes d'Amour' from 1983, but over the years Maurizio really cemented his name in history as an ultra-diverse producer. Especially in the last ten years he proved himself a force to be reckoned with, releasing piles of electro monsters on labels like Crème Organization, Endless Flight and his own Hot Elephant Music imprint.

In this all-exclusive Robotnick mix, he showcases some of his finest works ever made, both released and unreleased. He melts them together in a way that only he is able to, and the result is an extremely tight mix that never ceases to amaze.

We want to thank Maurizio for all his efforts. It truly is an honor, since we are such big fans of his. If you'd like to find out more on Alexander Robotnick visit some of the links below and best of all, enjoy the show!

Alexander Robotnick on Soundcloud
Alexander Robotnick on
Alexander Robotnick on Resident Advisor

vrijdag 23 mei 2014

Episode #050 - Mick Wills

We've been puzzling for days to find the right DJ to represent deathmetaldiscoclub #050, our second milestone in the reboot of our guest mix series. Eventually we could call only one name that would satisfy all of our members needs and tastes and represent the deathmetaldiscoclub aesthetic in a perfect way. His name is Mick Wills. He was happy to indulge and we are extremely excited that time has finally arrived for you to check out the result. This really is a perfect fit!

Mick Wills has been one of DJ Hell's Gigolo Records greatest stalwarts for years and he's also an important representative of Traxx's legendary Nation. And there is great reason for this. Mick is one of those very few artists that has always stayed true to his taste. He is absolutely one of the hardest working music diggers in the industry. His selecting skills are truly one of a kind and the combination of his knowledge and technique result into extremely explosive dj sets. Whether it's techno, wave, chicago or italo, he is able to blend it all together into one very consistent story. In fact, Mick is the definition of consistent. He will always give his 200% when it comes to music.
The same goes for his productions, he's been gradually releasing since 2001 (on labels like Tabernacle, Gigolo International, phil e and Minimal Rome). He'd rather release something of amazing quality, than having thirty singles out there that are mediocre. He is not the guy that you'll find on the cover of Mixmag and maybe it is for the better. Because one thing is certain, when it comes music, every choice Mick makes is carefully considered.

Mick Wills has just released a furious remix on Uncanny Valley's Rat Life records and he's also got an amazing new remix for Andreas Gehm's Elec pt. 1 project coming out on Signals. That one could hit the market anytime now.
For now, enjoy his deathmetaldiscoclub #050 anniversary DJ mix and don't forget to check out some of the links below!

Mick Wills on Soundcloud
Mick Wills on RA
Mick Wills on

woensdag 7 mei 2014

Episode #049 - Rude 66

Oh yes. We've got one of Bunker's most prolific producers and executioners on the show this week. It's Rude 66 in the mix!!
Rude (real name: Ruud Lekx) has been making a big name for himself since the early 90's with his dark and raw signature sound. From acid techno to brutal electro and even weird space age electronica, his sound played an important part in the development of the Sound of the Dutch Westcoast. Ruud always stayed true to natural aesthetic of his trademark Bunker sound and this also brought him to release on such notorious labels like I-F's Viewlexx, his own Vynalogue, Acid Planet and DJ TLR's Crème Organization since the early 00's. What a lot of people are not aware of, is that he is also an avid vinyl collector and a superhuman selector.

We've been loyal listeners of his Cosmic Overdrive show on Intergalactic FM for quite some time now. Every monday evening, he hosts his show directly from his 666 lounge, playing all kinds of good music. From Velvet Underground specials, to amazing krautrock and wave sessions, there is a lot to be learned from a man with his knowledge. He's been such an important inspiration to us in recent times, that we just had to invite him to the show and present him to our audience in return. And what a treat it has become!

This exclusive mix is called 'the corners of the grey room' and covers many, many kinds of territories. We could try to describe the mix any further, but it would simply do unjust. It's one hell of a journey that one has to experience all by himself. So without any further ado, we'd like to introduce you to the world of one of our most favorite honest selectors of this very moment: the world of Rude 66. Enjoy!!

Rude 66 on Soundcloud
Rude 66 on
Rude 66 on Intergalactic FM

woensdag 23 april 2014

Episode #048 - Eindbaas

That's right. We' ve got De Eindbaas serving the good shit again, this week. Showing you all why he is running shit in his hood and his city!

Eindbaas (which is Dutch for end boss) was co-responsible for the launch of the original Deathmetaldiscoclub in early 2009. Between it's original format and the 2013 reboot, he devoted his time to honing his skills and slaughtering many, many dance floors. His superpower is his ability to handle to any type of crowd. After all, an end boss is usually significantly superior to regular enemies. And just when you thought you had found the right track, Eindbaas has instantly a more effective one at hand.

You can always try to top this guy, but remember, at the end of the day he'll be the one who will be stacking all the money! Enjoy.

woensdag 9 april 2014

Episode #047 - Ric Piccolo

Next in line is one of Argentinia's most dedicated crate diggers! We'd like to welcome Ricardo Piccolo from Buenos Aires to our family.
Ricardo is a DJ/producer who likes to spend his time in record stores, flea markets and record faires, when not working on his music. Besides the typical nu-disco and house, he maintains a very strong focus on 70's raregroove and experimental music.
He's also toured a lot through Argentinia and Europe extensively and he's got another tour coming up in Europe through this summer. He's also got a monster of a first release out on Bordello a Parigi, aptly named 'Austral Works vol.1', which should be out right now. It's limited to 250 copy's and rumour has it that they are working on vol.2, which should be out not too long from now.
His Pampas Disco Shock and Pampas Porno Shock mixes are quite notorious and he kindly offered us to host the next mix in the Porno Shock Series. Again, he's crossing many borders with this one, so it seemed like a perfect fit.

We'd like to thank Ricardo for this amazing DJ set and hope you'll enjoy this one as much as we do! For more on Ricardo Piccolo visit the links below!

Ricardo Piccolo on Soundcloud
Ricardo Piccolo on

dinsdag 1 april 2014

Nick Mackrory ft. Harry Collier

After the success of the 'Tatooine Moons' release last month, Forgotten Corner records already returns with it's third physical single containing the 'Lucky Charms' track by Forgotten Corner artist Nick Mackrory.
The track has been played for some time now, by artists like Joe's Bakery and Nancy Noise, so it might be familiar to some people. It's vocals by Harry Collier are instantly recognizable and are interwoven with some wonderfull, clever bass patterns on top of it. It has an amazing live feeling and bursts out in an epic synth jam, full of rich textures.

Realizing the vocals just might not be for everyone, the label included a 'forgotten dub' version of the track. A clever move, as it has been championed by many great DJ's in the Balearic fields, but also beyond. Some of you might remember this one from Disko Selector's exclusive deathmetaldiscoclub mix, it also received attention by guys like Craig Bratley and some of you dutchies probably heard Rogér play this one too. It has every potential to become a instant hit and we are very happy to see this finally hit the record stores on wax.

Forgotten Corner is releasing the 'Lucky Charms EP' around April 1st, so this should be out by now. Keep track on this through your favourite stores as it will be a limited to 300 copy's.
It comes in hand screen printed inserts on heavy vinyl. Link below!

LINK TO JUNO.CO.UK (with audiosamples)